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    Triple Leather Wrap

    Leather & Gemstone Bracelets

    Unlock the beauty of nature. Blava Jewellery offers a range of exquisite bracelets carefully crafted to help you live your best life. Look and feel better than ever with our all natural jewellery, using authentic gemstones and pure leather for a unique, bohemian-style look that adds charm to any outfit.

    With designs available at a range of prices, it’s easier for everyone to find something that complements their style. From rustic agate and jasper bracelets to sleek, modern cuffs featuring amazonite, there’s a look for everyone in our range. Browse our catalogue today and discover something gorgeous.

    Beautifying, revitalising and always stunning

    Deliver positive energy into your life with the Blava collection. With every piece designed and handcrafted by one of the talented and passionate women on our team, they’re the perfect gift for a cherished friend, a treasured loved one or to yourself as a token of respect. Not just a wearable work of art, our healing crystal necklaces and bracelets help to centre your mind, body and spirit, helping to balance and heal your entire being.

    With so many of us leading stressful, fast-paced lives, it’s never been more crucial that we take the time to look after our whole selves. Make the healthier decision for yourself and address your misalignment at its root. Our leather and gemstone bracelets are the perfect choice for anyone looking to cleanse and heal their chakras, helping them better manage and overcome stress, frustration and all the emotional maladies so common in our world.

    Discover natural beauty

    Browse our catalogue today and discover not only a beautiful piece of jewellery, but a helpful partner on your journey through the hustle and bustle of life. Want to know more about our sizing or our products? Send us your questions via email at and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.