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    Chakra Bracelet

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    Make a choice that will benefit you in mind, body and spirit. The Blava Jewellery collection of chakra bracelets puts beautiful lava stones and gemstones within everyone’s reach, helping you look and feel your very best. A natural and pure approach to jewellery, our range of bracelets are the perfect gift for yourself or others, helping you show your appreciation and love.

    We want everyone to be able to experience the freeing, liberating power of a chakra bracelet, so we offer our collection of handmade jewellery at a diverse range of prices. Whether you’re looking for a modest addition to help you in times of stress or something more elaborate to elevate an outfit and your mood, we have something for you. Browse our catalogue today and discover something for you.

    The importance of chakra healing

    Made from high-quality gemstones cut into decorative beads, our chakra bracelets are a sophisticated and natural-looking addition to any outfit. Also referred to as yoga bracelets for their ability to assist in re-centring and rebalancing your body, they’re an addition that not only has you looking better but feeling great.

    Materials for our bracelets have been specifically chosen to help cleanse and balance the body’s 7 chakras, helping you feel more supported and in control of your life. Using colourful, natural stones such as freshwater pearls, lapis lazuli, turquoise, quartz and lava stone, our chakra bracelets are great for people sick of synthetic, manufactured accessories, who want to get back to a more natural form of beauty.

    Helping you live your best life

    Browse our range today and discover a favourite of many people across Australia. Order today for fast, affordable shipping anywhere in Australia, or get in touch with us with any questions on and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.